a five days coast to coast poetry festival

September 21-25

The 2nd Los Angeles Poetry Beach Festival will take place in front of the Venice Beach Poet’s Monument. This year we hope to welcome 64 poets from 20 different states to Los Angeles.

Theme this year is:

Some People Never Go Crazy

L.A. Poetry Beach Festival
The 12 best poets will receive a VIP invitation for the 2nd L.A. Poetry Beach Festival at September 25. They will be asked to recite their poem at the festival.

The 12 best poets and max. 40 other selected poets will be publish in the 2nd Los Angeles Poetry Beach Anthology, entitled, ‘Some people never go crazy’.

Poetry Train

Poetry Train 2023 route

September 20-23
The 2nd Coast to Coast Poetry Train bring poets from New York and 63 other big cities and small towns in just 76 hours (3 days) to poetry paradise Los Angeles.


Venue's LAPD

September 23
L.A.P.D. is an acronym of Los Angeles Poetry Downtown. At this festival local poets, poets on the Poetry Train and selected L.A. Poetry Beach Festival poets will give readings in greater Los Angeles.


Our five days poetry festival can’t be organised without your help. Go to our crowdfunding page and support L.A. Poetry Beach Festival, the Poetry Train and L.A.P.D.