I Never Could talk to you

LA Poetry Beach Festival is a 3 in 1 poetry festival

Poetry Train

September 20-22


LA Poetry Downtown

September 23


LA Poetry Beach

September 24


Visit also PoetryCab.com

This April, poets in 64 cities can earn a free ride on the Poetry Cab. Send us a poem about your city and when we select your poem you will earn a free ride on the Poetry Cab.

The Poetry Cab is not a regulary poetry cab because the backseat of the cab is transformed into a big ‘Hollywood-style’ filmstudio as all selected poets have to read their selected poem at the backseat of the Poetry Cab. When the Poetry Cab arrives in Los Angeles thefilmstudio will be transformed into a huge ‘Broadway-style’ backseat theater in order to give audience, other poets, etc the opportunity to watch the poems read in the Poetry Cab in our own backseat theater. 

Write us a poem and who knows we will select you for a free ride, our anthology and exhibition. 

Poetry Cab

Submit your work! Deadline: September 1st 

Our Team

Erik van Loon

Founder & CEO

Dutch artist



We are looking for a sponsor coordinator



We are looking for a public relations officer.








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Make America Green Again

He guys, I want to Make America Green Again. In the map above you find the states from where we got last year poems. This year I want to get[…]

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March 13, 2023 0

This is our flyer

Hereby the LA Poetry Beach Festival flyer 2023. This flyer I will spread in 35,000 prints between New York and Los Angeles.

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March 13, 2023 0

Eric Epstein reading Magic

Today I got several emails from Hiram Larew. In one of his emails he wrote me about Eric Epsteins ASL interpretation of his poem Magic and I love it. I[…]

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