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Entering its 3rd year, LA Poetry Beach is a new free poetry event in Venice Beach and features the most renowned poets of our day alongside those at the start of promising careers. This five days coast to coast poetry festival is open to the public and includes leactures, talkshows, workshops, readings, and social activities all focused on poetry. 

Each year we honor a distinguished poet for lifetime achievement. This year we celebrate Sylvia Plath (1932-1963). She have contributed to and changed contemporary writing through her poetry. 

To date, we are looking for support and help to take our event to the next level of impact—continuing to make this a free event for all, enhancing the honoraria for the writers we feature and honor, building our promotion and event execution, and supporting workshops throughout the year that contribute to LA Poetry Beach each year. 

Please help us significantly grow and become a friend of LA Poetry Beach with a tax-deductible gift at any level!

Giving levels are offered below.

$10 – Friend of LA Poetry Beach
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