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L.A. Poetry Beach Festival is a poetry festival founded by Erik van Loon from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The LA Poetry Beach Festival operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, focusing on education and literature, particularly the craft of poetry. Our mission revolves around fostering a deep appreciation for poetry, as well as encouraging its creation, reading, and spoken expression. We are committed to advancing the cause of poetry on a national scale and endeavor to bring poets together in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual comprehension.

LA Poetry Beach Festival
Our five days Coast to Coast poetry festival starts each year with the Poetry Train at Penn Station, New York and in just 76 hours (3 days) the Poetry Train picks up as many poets as possible in 64 big urban cities and small rural towns (20 states) and bring them to poetry paradise, Los Angeles. After arrival of the Poetry Train at Union Station, Los Angeles, Erik organise the L.A.P.D. Festival for local poets, poets on the Poetry Train and selected poets of L.A. Poetry Beach Festival. On the last Sunday of September, he organise the L.A. Poetry Beach at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Fight Illiteracy
It’s his goal to fight illiteracy by bringing together poets from of all over the world, at all levels and ages (online and offline) once a year in Los Angeles. He chose to organise this festival in English as it has become the most popular global language. He chose poetry above prose as a few words of poetry, an H a haiku for example, can already improve the skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing to say nothing of deeper comprehension. Poetry helps also to improve vocabulary, sentence formation, syntax, fluency and creativity.

Poetry Cab
Last year, Erik van Loon rented a car to promote his festival at 260 bookstores and 60 libraries along the route of the Poetry Train. This year, he will drive with a Poetry Cab and in each city/town a poet can earn a free ride in the Poetry Cab. Poets only need to write him a poem about their city/town and when they got selected, he will give them a free ride in the Poetry Cab. The Poetry Cab wil have a camera onboard as he will make a video from each poetry reading in the Poetry Cab. The selected poems will also appear in the Poetry Cab 2023 anthology. 

L.A. Poetry Beach Festival is an independent festival and funded directly through the support of our participants, readers, contributors, supporters and sponsors. We still haven’t found enough funding to pay our poets, but we rejoice in and showcase the talent on through our festival, anthologies and site, along with sharing your work on our social media pages. Once a year we will publish two anthologies. One anthology with max 52 selected L.A. Poetry Beach Festival poems, one zin with work from the poets on the Poetry Train and in 2023 for the first time also a Poetry Cab anthology.

About Erik van Loon

Erik van Loon don’t does not consider himself a poet. Nevertheless, has developed a new rhyme sheme has developed a form called New Paradox. It’s sonnet and it goes like ABAB ef CDCD ef GG. The ef ef couplets may be combined as a standalone poem and called an American Shorts. Not the shorts you wear but the plural of short as in tiny, little, etc. American Shorts are four-line poems. You can find examples of both at: https://www.lapoetrybeach-com.preview-domain.com/about-us/new-paradox/rules

As artist, Erik van Loon, is known for his I Will Win paintings for the NYC Marathon, his squatted garden at Van Loon Street in Queens, his 52 Dutch and 26 English opinion letters. As artist he use often languages also you can see in the three different work below.

I Will Win

10 I Will Win paintings of each 33 x 20 ft for the New York City Marathon

I Love DC

Washington Post I Love DC interview

(Work in progress)
I Love DC is an artwork with 175 red and 75 black cars parked in an I [HEART] DC setting.

The Kineticus

(Work in progress)
The Kineticus is an artwork whereby the wind creates 27 different English trilateral words.

Besides artist, Erik van Loon can also be considered as an activist. He organise for example the Mermaid Parade in Europe, the Rotterdam Swim and Amsterdam Swim. With the revevue he clean up rivers each year in the Netherlands. Last year, he cleaned at World Water Day 12 rivers in the Netherlands.

In the past he also owned his own bookstore in the Netherlands called House Of Craziness. The bookstore is closed but he has plans to open two House Of Craziness bookstore in the US. One in New York and one in Los Angeles as it will help him to make the LA Poetry Beach Festival, the Poetry Train and LAPD bigger and more succesfull then ever. House Of Craziness is also the publisher of the anthologies.

Cell: +31(0)6 3826 5666
Email: lapoetrybeach@gmail.com
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @lapoetrybeach