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a five days coast to coast poetry festival

2nd Poetry Train will leave from Boston

To honor Sylvia Plath the Poetry Train will leave this year from Boston. The birthplace of Sylvia Plath. This are the extra stops and dates. Hereby the extra Poetry Train stops this year. City Day Miles Time (am/pm) City / Station State 1 Tue 19 Sep 0 7.55 pm Boston – South Station MA 2…
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August 15, 2023 0


I need two drivers in LA for the XL Poetry Cab’s. I rented three big vans and now I need at September 22 two extra drivers for You don’t have to paint the car like I did with the poetry cab. You only need to drive local poets and poets from the Poetry Train to…
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August 8, 2023 0

Our anthology will get this design

We will have a new design and we wonder if you like it

August 7, 2023 0
Lines in the sand: Poet Sylvia Plath during a beach holiday in 1953, three years before she met Ted Hughes

Extra leg

Hi we consider to add this year 9 extra stops to the Poetry Train by adding the Poetry Train 2.0 from Boston to New York. The Poetry Train will leave at September 19 at 8 pm and it will stop at the following stations, cities and states. Time table 8.00p – Boston, Massachusetts – Back…
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July 31, 2023 0

Make America Green Again

He guys, I want to Make America Green Again. In the map above you find the states from where we got last year poems. This year I want to get poems from:– Missouri– Ohio– Delaware – ColoradoIn those states the Poetry Train stops each year And I want to get poems from:– Oregon– Washington– Florida–…
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March 13, 2023 0

This is our flyer

Hereby the LA Poetry Beach Festival flyer 2023. This flyer I will spread in 35,000 prints between New York and Los Angeles.

March 13, 2023 0

Eric Epstein reading Magic

Today I got several emails from Hiram Larew. In one of his emails he wrote me about Eric Epsteins ASL interpretation of his poem Magic and I love it. I would love to have an ASL reading(s) as part of Los Angeles Poetry Downtown on Saturday. Let’s see what I can do. In 2018 the…
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February 22, 2023 0

Buy our two anthologies

Each year House Of Craziness publish a new anthology. Hereby the first two anthologies. In 2023 House Of Craziness will publish a Poetry Cab anthology, a L.A. Poetry Beach Festival anthology and a Poetry Train Zin. Don’t miss it. LA Poetry Beach Festival 2021 Anthologybuy it at Amazon LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 Anthologybuy it at Amazon

February 4, 2023 0

Ken Kesey from La Junta, Colorado

I just found a video from Ken Kesey (September 17, 1935 – November 10, 2001) and other poets. No idea who who is. Who can help me? THE POETIC HOOHAW In the mid 70’s Ken and the Pranksters produced a poetry festival unlike any other. It was held in springtime on the University of Oregon…
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February 1, 2023 0

This is our latest newspaper concept

This April I will bring 35,000 newspapers to the 260 bookstores, 60 libraries and 64 trainstations I will visit between NY and LA to promote our 3rd L.A. Poetry Beach Festival. I hope that you like it?

January 27, 2023 0