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a five days coast to coast poetry festival

Paradise for the poets

A few weeks ago I found in The Winslow Mail (1919-02-14) this article and I think it’s really funny. PARADISE FOR THE POETS World Surely Would Be Pleasant Dwelling Place If All Sweet Singers Were Endowed. (read under the image the text) A contemporary suggests that poets and poetry—be endowed. Should such a great and…
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February 16, 2022 0

This Lamar Town

At HPPR Radio I found this great Lola Sperra poem called This Lamar Town. I love it! This Lamar Town I grew up in this Lamar town When many stores were easily foundBen Franklins, Duckwalls and more were aroundThat’s how it was in this Lamar town.  Corner Pharmacy, JC Penny, were also in townSaturday nights…
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February 14, 2022 0

Beyond Baroque will be our last stop

We have great news. Beyond Baroque will be our last stop at the 3,500 miles LA Poetry Beach Festival promotion tour 2022. Coast to coast promotion tour This April 1st I will leave New York City at 9 o clock in the morning and in 21 days I will visit +/- 120 independent bookstores, libraries,…
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February 8, 2022 0

Ten pioniers

This are the first 10 independent bookstores and libraries that accepted my proposal to visit them during the April Poetry Month: Harriett’s Bookshop in Philadelphia, PAThis independent bookshop & writing space celebrating female writers, activists, and artists. The Book Rack in Cincinnati, OHServing bibliophiles on Cincinnati’s east side. Galesburg Public Library in Galesburg, ILThis library…
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February 3, 2022 0

Library of Congress

It’s a pitty that I couldn’t register our LAPB2021 poetrybook because the book will appear every year and that makes it a periodic interval and this kind of publication are not eligible for the PCN Program! Bad luck!

January 17, 2022 0

First sketch of LAPB2022 poster

Hi what do you think of the Los Angeles Poetry Beach Festival 2022. I have to add extra information like the poetry train, some dates, etc but that I will do when I start painting the poster. I want to finish the painting the end of February and then we gonna print it in 250…
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January 17, 2022 0

Poetry books of Greg Bell

At LAPB2021 we had a poet from Los Angeles and we had a small talk before about ao how to throw a lasso to catch cattle. He told me that he catch many cows in the past. I thought that he was bluffing. So I asked him can you show us how to throw a lasso.…
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January 17, 2022 0

April Poetry Month

In the April Poetry Month we want to visit the following independent bookstores, library, musea, and festivals to promote LAPB, LAPD and Poetry Train 2022. Friday April 1 – New York01. New York City – Public Library Fort Hamilton (9424 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209)– The Bookmark Shoppe (8415 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209) Saturday…
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January 14, 2022 0

Happy Deathiversary

Columbus, January 8 Happy Deathiversary, I imagine you’d like us writing poems for you. To shake the trees with the breeze of words read aloud. In this you never left. When the flowers return, I’ll pick a Tiger Lily for you. It is my favorite flower, as the symbology means “For once may pride befriend…
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January 8, 2022 0

This is the route of Poetry Train 2022

This is the route of Poetry Train 2022. In April we will visit max 5 bookstore a city to get poets in those 60 cities involved City day Miles time (am/pm) depart State 1 Wed 21 Sep 0 6:45 am NY Penn Station NY 2 Wed 21 Sep 10 7:13 am Newark NJ 3 Wed…
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January 4, 2022 0