Deadline LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 

a five days coast to coast poetry festival

Los Angeles, Juli 28, 2022
For immediate release: Deadline LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 

Till September 1st poets from all over the world can submit in English their ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ poem for the 2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival. 

2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival
On Sunday, September 25th from 1 – 6.42 pm the 2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 will take place right in front of the Venice Beach Poet’s Monument (1530 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles). At this event selected poets will read their work and poetry fans can visit lectures, workshops and talk shows. 

Some People Never Go Crazy

Each year the LA Poetry Beach Festival comes up with a new theme; this year it is ‘Some people never go crazy’, a Charles Bukowski quote. To get selected for the 2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival poets have to submit a ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ poem before September 1st. 


The organization chose this Bukowski quote as the theme of the 2022 festival  to commemorate ‘100 years Bukowski in the US’. Charles Bukowski moved in 1922, as a 2 year old boy, with his American father and German mother from Adernach, Germany to Los Angeles, US. 

Poems, length

Due to the limited availability of space in the poetry anthology that will be published, poems have a maximum length of 28 lines, including the blank lines.

Jury and criteria

In this year’s jury are P. Segal, Director at The San Francisco Art House Project, Greg Bell, poet and 2019 recipient of The Kowit Poetry Prize and Erik van Loon, Founder of LA Poetry Beach Festival. The jury has set the following criteria for the assessment of the poems and will assign 1 to 3 points to each of the criteria: theme, emotion, audience, personality and technique.


Registration costs $ 10,-.

Additional information:

April National Poetry Month Promotion Tour

Last April, in preparation of the festival, Erik van Loon from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, visited 247 independent bookstores, 49 public libraries, and 64 train stations from NY up to LA to find poets that are willing to take part in the 2nd LA Poetry Beach Festival.

Five Days Poetry Festival

LA Poetry Beach Festival is a five days coast to coast poetry festival. It starts each year in New York with the Poetry Train. This year the Poetry Train will depart on Wednesday September 21st at 6.45 am from New York and in just 76 hours i.e. 3 days, it will arrive in poetry paradise Los Angeles. The Poetry Train stops to pick up poets from 64 big urban cities and small rural towns in 20 different states . On Saturday, September 24th, after the Poetry Train arrives local poets will bring the Poetry Train poets and poets selected for the LA Poetry Beach Festival to all kind of tiny LAPD poetry readings in greater LA. LAPD is an acronym of Los Angeles Poetry Downtown. More info about the Poetry Train and LAPD you can find at press-releases


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Los Angeles Poetry Beach Festival
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